Web Design

Below is a listing of homework assignments as well as a video tutorial for each lesson. The course guideline link below will lead you to a pdf that descrubes the course expectations and syllabus.

Date Homework Assignment Due Date
1.7.15 Lesson 1 and 2 from Unit 1 due at end of class on Friday, January 9th
1.9.15 Unit 2 Lesson 1 due at the end of class on Tuesday, January 13th
1.13.15 Module 3 lessons due at the end of class on Thursday, January 15th
1.15.15 Module 4 due at the end of class on Tuesday, January 20th
  • Unit 1 is DUE at the end of class today. Make sure all of your reflection paragraphs and documents are linked and ready to be graded. Have someone else take a look at your site to double check. We will start pre-coding (layout of a site) and coding next time.
  • Deviate from above curriculum a bit...we are going to do some old school HMTL coding to be able to compare and contrast.
  • Create a folder in Google and name it Lastname Web Design. Share it with me.
  • Basic HTML tags
  • In Notepad, create your first HTML document and save it as A1.html in your shared folder. Don't forget to change the extension from txt to html. Open your file and view it in your browser to see what it looks like as a "website".
  • Color options are here
  • A1html assignment
A1html due at the end of class on Monday, January 26th
1.26.15 A2 due at the end of class on Wednesday, January 28th


A3 due at the end of class on Friday, January 30th
1.30.15 A4 due at the end of class on Tuesday, February 3rd
2.3.15 A5 is due at the end of class on Thursday, February 5th
2.5.15 A6 is due at the end of class on Monday, 2.9
2.9.15 Unit 2 Module 2 Lesson 1 is due at the end of class on Wed.
2.11.15 Both due at the end of class on Friday the 13th.
  • Finish up lessons from last class
  • Also today....create a heading for your new portfolio home page in Photoshop using a mask
Due Dates for Unit 2
  • Module 3 deadline end of class 2.20
  • Module 4 deadline end of class 2.26
  • Module 5 deadline end of class 3.3
  • Module 6 deadline end of class 3.5 (don't worry about caption part)
  • Module 3 Quiz 2.24
  • Module 4-6 Quiz 3.5
  • More with Dreamweaver
  • Video 1 -- Div tags, paragraph tags, lists, images in Dreamweaver

  • Video 2 -- video tags, table tags





  • Work on CSS Website with video tutorial. Due at the end of class on Friday.
4.17.15 Finish CSS Website...Beau and Jeremy please get cart from Ms. Panakyo's room.  
  • Watch Jobs
  • Create a website that serves as a synopsis for this video. Include a link to the video and images. Create a separate folder called Google yourname and save google.html and google.css in this folder as well as any images you use.
  • Create your website from above...we will finish the movie next time, but you should be able to do the majority of the website today.
  • Also, the structure of the CSS website needs to be done. I will have the Macbooks next class to finish the videos.
  • Go get Mac cart from Julie Mitchell
  • Finish CSS video website and Jobs movie synopsis website
  • Create folders for each assignment and share with me. Don't forget to include images and your CSS file
  • Go to http://www.codecademy.com/en/tracks/web Sign up using your google login. Do both parts of CSS Classes and IDs and CSS Element Positioning. When you are done, take a screenshot of the completed screen (with the checkmarks) and put that in the drop it to me window at the top of this screen. Next class we start our final project.