Welcome to my website!!

Hello there. My name is Beth Cerrone. Just a little bit about me....I was born and raised (until high school) in a suburb of Chicago called Rolling Meadows. Freshman year in high school I moved to a suburb of Cleveland and although I didn't live there long, I still call Cleveland my hometown. I went to Penn State University (Go Nittany Lions!) and I am hugely passionate about everything blue and white. My first degree is in Quantitative Business Analysis...really not as horrible as it sounds. I worked in industry for the first seven years of my life (in finance), but decided to go back to school to find a more fulfilling path....teaching!

By this time I had gotten married and moved to Boston. I received my post-baccalaureate teaching certificate in math in 1998 and started my teaching career at Oliver Ames High School in Easton, MA. From the beginning, I fell in love with the idea of helping students see the power and magic of math. I moved here almost 11 years ago (wow). I started teaching at Niwot High School. While there, I taught IB, AP and virtually every other acronym. When the opportunity arose to open a new school at Mead, I jumped on it. At Mead, I taught technology courses as well as math. I am currently working on a Master's in Educational Technology from Boise State to help with the integration of technology into my classroom.

I started coaching here at Erie two years ago for both boys and girls tennis. I am so excited to join the team as a math and technology teacher as well. I really look forward to an amazing year working for an amazing school. Thanks for reading!

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